What is Cotton Connect?

A couple of years ago, Gina Tricot joined Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). In order to fulfil our commitment to BCI, we are cooperating with CottonConnect, along with three other Swedish fashion companies. CottonConnect is an organization that works together with other companies to create more sustainable cotton supply chains.


Gina Tricot provides funds to CottonConnect for farmer support, which is one of the most important components of our BCI membership. These funds are used to increase farmers' knowledge of cotton farming and how it can be improved by providing them with training. The goal is for farmers to gain more knowledge and capacity via production methods that are financially profitable, environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable. For example, this might involve teaching farmers how to cultivate cotton with a much lower level of water consumption and chemicals, or showing them how they can achieve a higher annual yield.


CottonConnect is helping to provide training to farmers in 26 villages in the area of western India called Gujarat. In total, 1,550 farmers have participated in the programme thus far and the number increases with each year that the project remains in place.


We're proud to have planted a seed for more sustainable cotton production!