For a year now, Gina Tricot has had its own logistics operations, just outside Borås. But it's not a warehouse. This is operations where a daily flow of goods is received from suppliers all over the world, sorted, and then repackaged to be sent along to Gina Tricot's 185 stores in five countries.


It is hectic here every day of the year. The pace is fast and it is absolutely business-critical that the logistics here are flowing smoothly. “We sometimes say that we're in the business of fast fashion, but it's not so much a function of speed as the right product being at the right place at the right time,” says Emma Garrote Fredman. “That's when we feel like we're speedy, but it's all about precise production planning and the timing of our logistics and production. Now, during the New Year's period in China, it's particularly noticeable how important it is to plan well in advance. So, I guess you could say that lots of work is required in order for us to be so fast!” she says.