It used to be that sustainable products only made a small impact. Now, things have changed and sustainable products have gone mainstream. One example is our involvement in Better Cotton Initiative, an organisation striving for more sustainable cotton production worldwide. It got off to a modest start in 2005, but in just ten years, it has reached 8.7% of the world’s cotton producers, which means 1.2 million cotton farmers. The use of chemical pesticides and water consumption has fallen, while crop yields and profits for cotton farmers have increased. In India, where Gina Tricot is involved in educational activities at cotton fields, farmers who have joined the Better Cotton Initiative have achieved 44% higher profits. In simple terms, it means more money in the pockets of those who need it the most. 


Head of Sustainability at Gina Tricot, Marcus Bergman, explains that the goal is for Better Cotton Initiative to have reached 5 million farmers by 2020. “Achieving such a large impact in just 15 years shows that the world is also changing. Of course, many challenges still need to be overcome as we continue to strive for a sustainable fashion industry. But, we’ve already turned the corner!” he says. 


Emma Garrote Fredman, Head of Production and Sourcing at Gina Tricot says, “We’ve noticed that our suppliers in both China and Bangladesh now have easier access to yarns and fabrics in Better Cotton. It’s taken a few years for the industry to understand the project, but now we envision a future where one of the world’s most problematic crops has become considerably more sustainable!”