Gina Tricot's sustainable party collection is now arriving in stores. Amanda and Anna share their thoughts about the collection:


“These are clothes that you can wear for a variety of occasions. You can look great at work, after-work gatherings and then continue on to a party. The key is how to combine them. For example, a pencil skirt with a blouse looks great for a party – and with a black, knitted turtleneck, you get a fantastic, everyday look.”


The thought behind the launch is to offer fashionable clothing, with sustainability as a bonus – in other words, you shouldn't have to compromise on anything.


“We're also proud that we've been able to keep the prices at the same level, even though the fabrics are both luxurious and sustainable. Because sustainability is such an important issue, and for many also a lifestyle, we wanted everyone to be able to feel involved. Above all, when wearing this collection, you should be able to feel attractive and have a good conscience at the same time.”


Shop the collection here.