Old Clothes – New Life!

From store, to sorting, to reuse or recycling. That's the path.

We send the clothes that are handed in at our stores to our partner, Human Bridge, where they are sorted. Usable garments are sold and the proceeds are donated to disaster relief efforts. Unusable garments are sent to Holland, where they are sorted into the many fractions required so that the material can be recycled. The recycled material is turned into non-woven material, padding, insulation and cleaning products.


At present, there is no sorting facility for textile in Sweden that is able to sort into the 300 fractions that are required in order to take care of discarded textiles in the best way. This is why Human Bridge set up ReturTex, a company that is working to establish such a facility in Sweden.


"Gina Tricot has been cooperating with Human Bridge since 2009. So it feels like a natural next step to expand that cooperation to collected garments as well," says Anna-Karin Wårfors, Head of CSR. "We share their aim of setting up a full-fledged sorting facility in Sweden and we feel it's also a good idea to invite our customers to participate and make good contribution."