Gina Tricot and QuizRR in Bangladesh

QuizRR – where R stands for Rights & Responsibilities, has three components. It’s a digital training tool used on tablets, with video clips and questions, that helps train employees working in manufacturing. It also encompasses measurability and reporting, along with a web platform, where suppliers and global buyers can engage.


QuizRR facilitates transparency and, through data collection, makes it possible to verify the company’s training and development. It also serves as a measurable tool for the training of a supplier’s employees in such areas as working conditions, work environment and human rights.


The test version of QuizRR  Rights and Responsibilities was launched in Bangladesh in August 2016 at 11 factories with 5 Nordic buyers/companies at the lead. Gina Tricot is a part of it all, with 2 of its factories testing QuizRR as a way of educating factory workers on their human rights and responsibilities. The tests will be carried out over a 3 month period at 2 factories in Bangladesh. At present, more than 1,200 workers have received training in such areas as fire safety and working conditions, with the trainings still ongoing.