Remake – From Surplus to Glamour

For the second year in a row, Gina Tricot is teaming up with the Nordic School of Design to test the boundaries for re-using clothes. Can surplus products be given a new life?

“Re-use is very topical right now, but for us it’s always been about creating and selling interesting fashion,” says Camilla Olofsson, who is in charge of the collaboration project with the Nordic School of Design, in which design students were given the chance to rework surplus products through re-sewing them and adding exclusive detailing. “It’s been great fun watching how an entire collection of 1920s inspired products has emerged from clothes that would otherwise have gone to waste. With skilled workmanship, surplus really can be given a second life!"

The collection includes dresses, shoes and accessories inspired by Paris and the luxury lifestyle of the 1920s. “The collection was well received in stores and more or less sold out within a week,” explains Camilla. “Partly because they were nice products, but also because the proceeds went to UNICEF. It really warms your heart!”