With the transition of spring to summer, we're also preparing for our Spring 2016 Collection. This week, we're in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, meeting with yarn suppliers and sweater manufacturers. 


“We constantly strive to increase the share of sustainable materials in our garments,” says Marcus Bergman, Head of Sustainability. “We're continually searching for sustainable material with the right fashion profile. Unfortunately, though, it can still be challenging to find higher quality yarns, organic cotton fabrics and other sustainable materials. We've seen that it's easier to obtain staple items at large volumes. So, to succeed in our sustainability efforts, both we and our suppliers need to constantly be on the lookout for new, exciting materials,” says Bergman.


It's clear that fashion has become a truly international line of business. We are currently working with cotton yarns, where the cotton was grown in India, made into yarn in China and further manufactured into sweaters in Bangladesh. “When we work with sustainability, we try to be involved as far back in the often complicated chain of production that is typical for our sector. Knowing the origin of the raw materials makes it easier to bring about positive changes,” says Bergman.