Taking care of your clothes is both fun and smart. It's also good for the environment. If you calculate the energy consumption of a garment over its entire lifetime, you will find that washing is what consumes the most energy. Only washing full loads, using low temperatures and in particular, using smart stain removal techniques are things that we can all do to make our fashion behaviour more sustainable!


We all want our clothes to be clean, fresh-looking and in good shape. However there are a variety of ways to achieve that. A washing machine is far from the only solution. And, there are better ways of removing stains. That's why we've collected smart tips on stain removal here at The Good Project.


If you do decide to use a washing machine, it's a good idea to be familiar with the laundry symbols on clothes labels. The temperature printed on the label is always the maximum temperature that you should use when washing the garment. However, it's not necessarily the best temperature to use. You'll save quite a lot of energy by washing in 30˚C instead of 40˚C. And, your garment will, in most cases, get just as clean.


If you're very handy, you might also like to try other ways of freshening up your clothes. Airing is the method often used by fashion pros because it is gentle and therefore appropriate for delicate fabrics.  Give it a try! We promise that you'll be surprised by the excellent results achieved with just a bit of air!


Denim nerds like to use freezing instead of washing because they want to preserve the worn look of their jeans. Put your jeans in the freezer overnight. It's a quick way to freshen them up without any effort. And, no extra energy is required, since you keep your freezer running anyway.


Take care of the clothes you love!