"Sustainability reporting is a great way of clarifying where we've been successful and where we still need to improve," says Marcus Bergman, Head of Sustainability. "There are a number of things that we're pleased with. For example, the Good Index provides use with a clear way of showing and measuring the environmental impact of individual decisions. We've also obtained better control over our inventory and more opportunities for lowering the environmental impact from transports. Furthermore, in 2013, we implemented a very clear policy against the use of animal products, thus taking a very clear stand on animal rights issues.


Nevertheless, we're not happy that we still use air transport for our goods and even though we've reduced its share, it is still much higher than we want it to be. We have also worked hard to introduce more sustainable materials into our collections. Additionally, we need to get better at communicating our sustainability efforts throughout the organization. These are the challenges we're working with – and the results from our sustainability report show us that we're on target to improve in 2014."