The Right Light!

“We are continuously working to improve the lighting in our 175 stores,” explains Magnus Carlsson from Gina Tricot. “By replacing our lighting with more efficient models that use less power, we have been able to reduce our energy consumption to almost half of what it was.”

Lighting is one of the biggest energy consumers in a store – and the demands are high for bright and pleasant light. At Gina Tricot, it is important to us that the store feels inviting and clean. And the clothes must of course be presented nicely. Today we can achieve this with more efficient light bulbs.

“Choosing better light bulbs really is a good investment,” says Magnus Carlsson. “We save energy in two ways. Firstly because the bulbs use less power and secondly because they do not emit as much heat. So we don't have to cool the stores as much during the warmer months. We are extremely pleased with our solutions and proud to be among the better companies on the market when it comes to lighting efficiency!”