Turkey is Gina Tricot's largest production market and nearly half of our volumes are produced there.  Most of our suppliers are located in or around Istanbul, but we also cooperate with factories in the northern part of the country along the coast of the Black Sea and in Eastern Turkey, close to the cities of Malatya and Adiyaman.


Turkey has a long history of textile production and Gina Tricot has been purchasing from Turkey since the company got started in 1997. Currently, Gina Tricot cooperates with around fifteen suppliers and several of them have been delivering to us for many years. We primarily purchase garments made of tricot or denim, but also some woven and knitted garments, as well as hosiery.


Turkey is a very important production market for Gina Tricot, mainly because of its quick, flexible production and short transport route times. Many Turkish suppliers are also quite trend conscious - they quickly catch on to new trends and are quite clever when it comes to creating new fabrics and techniques.


Sometimes it is a bit more expensive to produce something in Turkey compared to China, for example. But in Turkey, we have the advantage of being able to wait longer with our decisions, and thus being able to introduce the most recent trends.  Transports from our suppliers in Istanbul to our warehouse in Borås are typically made by truck and it takes a little less than a week, which is a huge advantage if we compare to the transport times from our other manufacturing countries.