We like Animals

At Gina Tricot, we like animals, so it is natural for us to take a clear stance for animal wellbeing.


A few years ago, it came to light that mulesing was used far too often in sheep breeding. This is a painful procedure in which the skin is removed from the rear of the sheep to avoid it being attacked by blowflies. We and many others believe this is animal cruelty.

We do not allow our suppliers to use wool that comes from sheep that have suffered from mulesing.


We sell a small number of products made from down and feathers. We have taken a clear stand against harvesting feathers from living birds and only use down and feathers from birds that have been bred for meat production. This also applies to our leather goods. Otherwise, leather is a material that lasts for a long time if it is well looked after – it is really a good example of sustainability.


As for fur, we like the look – but not the material. This is why all our fur is genuinely faux!