Denim is always right – perhaps because there are so many different types. From dressy to rock-chic, anything is possible with denim! And now, eco-denim fabrics are also becoming available. Manufacturers are working very hard to improve processes that used to consume a lot of water and energy and many exciting fabric innovations are also taking place.  

"We simply love denim at Gina Tricot. This is why we feel it is important to embrace the new processes and fabrics as inspiration for the future," says Marcus Bergman, Head of Sustainability. "Tencel is just one example. We use it primarily because it is super soft and extremely comfortable to wear. It's no coincidence that it is an eco-friendly fabric either, since it is a fairly new innovation. It's definitely a good example of how innovative companies are creating exciting fabrics!"


Denim is also a perfect fabric to recycle – the more worn-out it gets, the greater it looks. A classic look is to patch and repair denim yourself, but in our summer sustainable denim collection, we've also used scraps from manufacturing to create unique products loaded with personality. 


"In combination with classic, organic cotton, we've used Tencel and recycled denim to create an ultra-cool, sustainable mini collection," says Marcus Bergman. "We've also created some very attractive prints that we absolutely love. The future looks bright!"