For five years, stakeholders have been invited to learn more about the progress and challenges Gina Tricot have within sustainability through our Sustainability report. The Sustainability report is our way of explaining how we work with sustainability questions over time and give you an insight in our daily work.

Below you’ll find some of the highlights from our Sustainability report which you find here. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Gina Tricot EVP:

At Gina Tricot we are lucky enough to do something we are incredibly passionate about. And it shows! It is clear in our culture, in our teamwork and in our products. By putting our hearts into everything we do, we have created a unique set of values that we practically live by. These values create an atmosphere where success and individual development is made possible, and where our passion for this industry gets to shine.
If you want to join a dream team with crazy amounts of passion, then Gina Tricot is the perfect place. We would love to have you!


We benefit from our employees enjoying their work and having the opportunity to continue to grow within the company. In 2016, Gina Tricot was once again named one of Sweden’s 100 Career Companies of the Year. As a Certified Employer – a quality label for employers who actively work to improve their employer brand and who can offer unique career and development opportunities to their employees – Gina Tricot has shown personal commitment and good results in the employer branding survey.

Gina Tricot works extensively and long-term to promote the professional development of our employees. Learning is key, and our many efforts include both internal practical exchange and workshops.

2016 involved a major investment in a leadership development program for around 60 managers within our organization. A lot of it has to do with upholding our special Gina Tricot spirit. Given that we have stores in five different countries as well as offices in Bangladesh and China, this is crucial. When we started in the 90’s, we were a dynamic company on the rise. And in many ways, we still are!