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In the category favourites you will find the most popular women's clothing right now! Among our favourites is always updated with our best sellers, the clothes that are trending the most right now. You'll find a great selection full of inspiration and stylish clothes. If you find something you like here, you can be sure it's a stylish choice.

Latest trends, the favourites

Our favourites is updated regularly and only has room for the most popular pieces. If you find something you like among the favourites, don't wait too long to order them, as this is where the most wanted pieces are gathered. Many of our customers come back because we keep up with the latest trends in the fashion world and make sure to update with new items often. We offer the latest in fashion at a very affordable price and make it easy for any fashion enthusiast to find thier new favourites. You can also go and check under "news" where we collect the latest arrivals in all categories. This is updated regularly so you can shop and find new favourites.

Full of inspiration

Having trouble finding inspiration for the different seasons? The favourites is full of inspiration. As we're constantly updating with new arrivals, spring, summer, autumn and winter's most wanted pieces are all in one place. The best thing about the favourites is that pieces from all categories can be found here. You can find everything from sweatpants, jeans, shirts and dresses to jewellery and accessories. Combine them with wardrobe favourites or get inspired and find new favourites from our wide range. By being inspired, you can find new ways to style your clothes, try new combinations or even dare to try a completely new style? With our fast delivery times, it won't take many days before you have your order ready to be styled, matched and worn. Let yourself be inspired by all the stylish clothes amoung the favourites!

Sustainable fashion and environmental awareness

Gina Tricot is not only passionate about fashion, but for us sustainability is also incredibly important. It's something that permeates our entire business from design, manufacturing and transportation. We always try to work with the most sustainable materials possible in our manufacturing and we also have a strong focus on reducing water usage. Especially when we produce our jeans but also for other garments as well. Under "sustainability" we have gathered everything we do so you can read more about our work. It's a constant work in progress and we always strive to work in an environmentally conscious way.