Awaken your senses and boost your energy level with a colourful basic wardrobe that matches you and expresses your one-of-a-kind personality. Because your wardrobe is just like you: unique. We’re releasing our first Lab Collection, consisting of cool, gender-neutral tracksuits, with something for every style and age group. This is our latest tribute to more sustainable fashion – Nordic Swan Ecolabel-marked, comfortable key pieces, which we hope (and believe) you’ll always want to wear. Choose the colour according to your mood. Mix, match, and style with accessories, in your own personal way. 

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The collection is made from soft organic cotton, and recycled cotton. Most of the garments are marked with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and produced with reduced environmental impact, and have met the requirements of one of the world’s most respected and stringent environmental labelling schemes. We’re humbly proud of being able to do this. And we want you to feel the same – whether you’re logging in to a Zoom meeting, enjoying a family outing, or simply walking down the street in your neighbourhood – always stylish in your everyday uniform, seven days a week.   

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Gina Lab is an innovation program created to find new ways to establish a more sustainable channel for the next generation of fashion – an empowering gender-neutral collection, embracing the greatness of diversity.


The collection contains the following more sustainable materials: 

Hoodies, sweatpants & sweatshorts:
100 % organic cotton, Nordic Swan Ecolabel

80 % organic cotton, 20 % recycled cotton, Nordic Swan Ecolabel

87 % organic cotton, 21 % polyamide, 2 % elastane 

100 % organic cotton

100 % recycled polyester 

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