The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Gina Tricot is honoured and gratified to have worked in cooperation with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel since 2019.

Most of the garments in our first Lab Collection are marked with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which means they’re made with reduced environmental impact in every step of production – from raw materials to the finished product. And yes, we’re very proud of this. This is one of the world’s most respected and stringent Type 1 environmental labels, which means that it is an independent organisation that works according to the life-cycle perspective and with a holistic approach to development of criteria.

In a recent talk with Ulf Eriksson, advisor for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel initiative, we explored concepts in environmental labelling. What does it mean when we say that a garment is marked with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel? And why is this label such a good thing? Ulf helped us answer these questions.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Gina Tricot began collaborating in 2019. What’s the best thing about Gina Lab, Gina Tricot’s innovation program?
Gina Tricot understands that there’s not a single, universal solution for working to achieve sustainability. Companies must work in a variety of ways, depending on their business and what’s possible for them.

The Lab Collection is a Nordic Swan Ecolabel-marked collection. What does this mean?
From a sustainability perspective, this collection is one of the best on the market. Everything prior to the consumer’s purchase has been tested according to stringent environmental and health requirements. The requirements for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel cover every step, from fibre to finished garment. These rules greatly limit the possibilities for using chemicals that can harm humans and the environment. Many colourants that are known to cause allergic reactions or that pose serious health risks are prohibited, as are fluorocarbons (such as PFAS), flame retardants, and antibacterial substances. The release of harmful substances into the environment is held to strict limits in many processes. The scheme also sets requirements on colourfastness and dimensional changes during washing and laundering, as well as regulations for working conditions in production.

Why are the Nordic Swan Ecolabel-marked garments in the Lab Collection a good choice?
One of the best things that a person can do to improve clothing sustainability is to use garments for as long as possible. This Nordic Swan Ecolabel-marked collection features good quality, and is basic and timeless in its design and function. This makes it easier to love, and wearers can use the garments for a wide variety of occasions. When a person is ready to find a new garment, the old one can be donated or sold as second hand.