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Back to school in style – now, you can shop the fall Gina Tricot Mini Collection featuring YouTube star and influencer, Margaux Dietz and her son, Arnold. You’ll find trend favourites like cosy teddy jackets, sweatshirts and tops with inspiring statements, animal prints and BFF hats. Perfect for all moms and kids who love to match their looks! Most of the items in the collection have been manufactured from more sustainable materials and the children’s clothing is available in sizes 62/68-122/128. As before, we also have some specially designed products where 10% of the proceeds go to World Childhood Foundation. Don’t miss the interview with Margaux and Arnold. Just scroll down to read and get inspired. 

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Me teddy jacket 59.99€ // Me beanie (sold out) // Mini teddy jacket 39.99€ // Mini tee 9.99€ // Mini beanie (sold out)

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Me cardigan 39.99€ // Scarlet singlet 9.99€ //Neela straight jeans 54.99€ // Mini tee 9.99€ // Mini leggings 9.99€ // Mini socks 3.99€



YouTube star, blogger and influencer – like a burst of energy, she inspires her followers every day with a well-deserved break from the normal stress of everyday life, packed with loads of love and humour. And always, it’s with an infectious laugh and big smile  on her face! Margaux Dietz is the beloved supermom who shares with her followers what everyday life can be like from a variety of angles. Get to know Margaux and her son Arnold even better when they talk about their favourite items from the collection and their best way of spending Friday cosy time together. 


How does it feel, being the campaign face for Gina Tricot Mini?
It is a great honour for me and I still can’t quite believe it’s true! I’m very happy and incredibly grateful.
Arnold: I just as happy as mommy.

What were the photography sessions like for the campaign?
It was a lot of fun! The team that I worked with was so professional. And, we were at Gröna Lund, which  is a favourite place for me and Arnold. I love matching my clothes with Arnold. And, getting to do that for an entire day was fantastic.
Arnold: If was fun seeing all the animals and carousels. I got to eat candy in front of the camera too!

What is your favourite ride at Gröna Lund?
For me, it’s “Snake”, which is a ride that spins around 40 metres up in the sky at 80 km/h.
Arnold: I love the carousel with lions, horses and pigs!

What are your favourite items from the Gina Tricot Mini Collection?
I must say that I love all the t-shirts in the collection. It’s so easy for the entire family to match! 
Arnold: The jeans feel like sweatpants. I can run REALLY fast in them too!

What gives you a burst of energy?
Exercise, good dinners and Arnold. 
Arnold: Going down the slide!

What is your best Friday cosy time like?
Going to the grocery store together, making Pasta Carbonara and then falling asleep early in front of the TV.
Arnold: Shopping for food with mommy, eating and cuddling. 

When do you sleep the best?
When the entire family is home, that’s when I sleep the best.
Arnold: After an exciting day with lots of play and goofing around.

What would you like to be “when you grow up”?
Restaurant owner.
Arnold: Chef!

If you could only ever eat one dish, what would it be?
Arnold: Fried rice is yummiest. 

What puts you in a really bad mood?
People who are negative!
Arnold: When I have to stop playing to go and eat even if I’m not hungry yet! 


Want to see more? Follow @margauxdietz on Instagram or Margaux Dietz on YouTube. 

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