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Match mom and mini with kids clothes from Gina Tricot Mini. Discover our range of playful jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, children's pants and many other children's clothes. The Gina Tricot Mini consists of a lovely mix of rocky and cool trendy garments with superfine messages. The children's clothing is specially designed to fit into our other fashion trend range for women and girls so that you can match mom and child.

is it time to buy a new children's jacket?

Match a cool denim jacket with your child and a pair of sunglasses. If you do not want the same clothes in the rest, you can color match each other in your other outfit. We have children's jackets for all seasons. How about a warm soft teddy jacket or a Mini bomber jacket? Many children's trousers may be needed especially since some replacements may be needed for children who are very active outdoors. Then durable jeans can be extra good and of course you will find Mini Molly jeans in our range. You will also find other nice children's pants and a lot of leggings - our mini leggings with lots of designs and colors.

in the collection you will find several variants on different sweaters.

Long-sleeved, short-sleeved, thin and thick sweaters. Many children's t-shirts may also be needed as food can easily be spilled on the sweater. Match your t-shirt with our various superfine messages such as "Power mama" and "Mini power", "Mother" and "Mini" and for the siblings "Sister" and "Brother".

sustainable material and charity

The majority of the collection is made of more durable materials. As much as 57% of all our products are made of more durable materials. Sustainability is something that permeates our entire business from design to finished product. We work with sustainable materials with as little impact on the environment as possible. We at Gina Tricot also engage in charity. When you buy products from the Gina Tricot Mini, 10% of the proceeds go to the World Childhood Foundation. Shopping for children's clothes online with the Gina Tricot Mini It is easy and convenient to shop our children's clothes from the Gina Tricot Mini online. You will find many stylish and cool children's clothes in our range when you are looking for children's jacket, children's pants, t-shirt, socks, children's dress and much more. When you shop online you pay safely and securely. You get your order home in just a few days and you get free shipping and free returns to the store. Get inspired by our pictures online and find your favorites with us. Match your child's clothes with your own fashion garments from Gina Tricot. Perfect for all moms and kids who love to match their looks.