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Has last year's jacket become too small? Or is it time for a new season? Whatever the reason is, you can find a new jacket for the kids at Gina Tricot. Our range includes great jackets for all seasons in a many variations of colours and materials so you can dress your child for the weather. The majority of our range of kids coats comes in sizes 86-128 but you can also find baby jackets in sizes 68-80. The absolute best part is that our kids clothes are unisex so there are outerwear for everyone!

Spring jacket for kids

With warmer weather and sunny days coming up, it's time to chaning into ypur spring jackets. Maybe last year's spring jacket has gotten too small and it's time for a new one? You can find spring jackets for kids in a many colours. We have denim jackets, shirt jackets, denim vests and other great styles of jackets for kids that are perfect for spring. A purple shirt jacket with a pair of 90s jeans and a white long-sleeved sweater is the perfect spring outfit! Or why not denim on denim? A denim jacket or denim vest with a pair of jeans! How cute would that be? The spring jacket is also great for colder summer days or evenings and comes in many lovely colours!

Autumn jacket kids

After spring and summer, it's on to colder and darker times, and a good, durable autumn jacket is a must-have in your child's wardrobe! At Gina Tricot you can find cosy teddy jackets and coats for kids that are perfect for all autumn activities and outdoor games. During autumn, it's common for temperatures to go right up and down, which is exactly why it's great to have a jacket that you can wear both thick sweatshirts and thinner t-shirts underneath. Think how cosy a knitted jumper under a teddy jacket with a pair of brushed leggings would be for a colder autumn day!

Think sustainable with kids coats

Kids are growing more and more each year, and usually a new jacket is needed for each season. A great and sustainable tip is to give or pass on the jacket as a gift to extend its life and do a good for the environment! Here at Gina Tricot, the majority of our range is made from more sustainable materials which is something we are constantly working on to improve. With us you can find children's jackets in many different such as teddy, denim, cotton and polyester.

Outerwear kids at a great price!

Check out our great range of kids coats suitable for all kinds of play whatever the weather! New collections are released every now and then so keep an eye out for your favourite! If you order your jacket today, you'll receive it in a few days, so fast! Let yourself be inspired by all the lovely colours of the season and we hope you'll find a kids jacket you like!