Denim garments are timeless and can be matched with any outfit. That’s why we want to make it easy for you to find your favourites. Read more about all our jeans styles in the Guide to find the denim type and fit that’s right for you. The Guide also describes our Tall and Petite denim styles.


What could be better than super-fashionable, comfortable jeans with an accentuated waist? Our Mom and Slouchy jeans meet all the requirements. And with high pockets in back and timeless vintage washes, they’re perfect for all occasions.


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Flare and Wide are the “it” silhouettes of the year. It’s easy to see why Flare jeans take all looks to the next level. Choose from full-length jeans that really accentuate the length of your legs, or cropped styles in trendy washes.


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The season’s must-haves! If you’re looking for a straight-cut design with a high waist, these are the jeans for you. They’re available in ankle and full lengths, with or without stretch – the choice is yours. 


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Five-pocket jeans with a slim fit and high waist. Slim and Skinny jeans feature a softly sculptured, fitted silhouette to create style in everyday looks.


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Jeans Guide - Find the perfect jeans for your body type

Here’s our jeans guide that makes it easier than ever for you to find the perfect pair of jeans. Discover Gina Tricot’s wide range and update your jeans wardrobe with the latest trends that suit you best.

What’s more classic than a pair of blue jeans or dark blue jeans? They are timeless and easy to match with other trendy fashion items. If you only need one pair of jeans, these classic colours are a must in the wardrobe. You’ll find these colours in our wide selection of jeans in many different models. Read more about our different jeans models and find out what stretch and fit the different models have.

Molly highwaist jeans – the popular model

The very popular Molly highwaist jeans have a skinny fit with a lot of stretch that makes them incredibly comfortable. Molly jeans can also be matched with anything, making it a favourite among the base garments in your wardrobe.

Skinny jeans – Super tight jeans

If you want a pair of super comfy tight jeans, we recommend skinny jeans. The jeans are super comfy with a really soft material with maximum stretch denim for those who want a really soft and comfortable pair. Skinny jeans have a tight fit from waist to leg for those who want really super skinny jeans.

Slim jeans ­– really comfortable jeans with a slim fit

Slim jeans are the model for those who want a pair of really comfortable jeans with a slim fit without them being as tight as skinny jeans. The jeans model is a safe bet that goes with anything. At Gina Tricot, you’ll find a great selection of trendy fashion items that go well with your slim jeans.

Flare jeans – bootcut flare jeans are super trendy

Discover our super trendy flare jeans with flared legs with slight or maximum width. If you love fashion and want to keep up with the latest trends, don't miss our flare jeans. At Gina Tricot you’ll find many types of bootcut and flared jeans.

Petite jeans – shorter length

If you want jeans with a shorter leg length, then our petite jeans are the right model for you. The jeans are designed with a shorter leg length but the same super stylish fit in the design of your choice. Straight, flared, high waisted or low – no matter what style you like, you'll find many types of petite jeans at Gina Tricot.

Tall jeans – longer leg length

If you want jeans with longer leg length, then our tall jeans are designed with several extra centimetres in leg length. No matter what style you like – skinny jeans, slim jeans or some other model – you’ll find many types of tall jeans in our wide range.

Straight jeans – modern trendy straight jeans

Straight jeans are the perfect fit if you want jeans with a modern, trendy and straight style. The shape of a pair of straight leg jeans means that they are slightly tight around the thighs, with a straight leg from knee to foot. Straight jeans are suitable for those who want a slightly prolonged effect.

Wide – jeans with more width in a retro 1970s style

If you want a pair of straight jeans with a little more width, then discover our wide jeans! The model is truly retro with strong 1970s feel.

Mom – jeans with a 1980s retro look

For those who want a pair of jeans with a retro look and 1980s vibe, the trendy mom jeans are the perfect choice. The jeans model has a high waist, high back pockets and a slightly looser fit.