inititatives of 2022

In connection with our biggest campaign releases during 2022, presented by our ambassador, Bianca Ingrosso, we'll be launching sustainability initiatives to address issues that are close to our hearts. Each initiative is linked to one of Gina Tricot's three focus areas: Product, Planet, and People.
Biodiversity is vital for our planet – not only now, but also for the future. That's why we're collaborating with EcoTree to grow our own forest in Denmark. Through our Gina Tricot Forest initiative, we'll be part of a growing movement to recreate the natural environment and contribute to biodiversity. Adding EUR 1 to your purchase at checkout will help us fill the forest with beehives, and help bees continue their extremely important work of pollination. Together, we can help nature flourish! Thank you.
Bees are of great importance both for us and for wildlife, as they are responsible for 80% of the pollination of all flowers and plants. They complete a necessary step for our crops to grow and provide us with food. The world's bees are now threatened with extinction, and that's why we've decided, together with EcoTree, to place beehives in our forest. Now you can help contribute to having more bees living and thriving where they're happiest - in a lovely forest environment.