Gina Tricot largely employs and is run by women; in fact, women make up 97% of our workforce. For us, it's self-evident to empower women in everything we do. We want our clothing to inspire women and boost their self-confidence, but we also want to strengthen women’s rights in our internal work and our production stream. We are proud to support the UN’s global movement that is aimed at giving women power and control over their own lives and the ability to make strategic choices.



the next generation

At Gina Tricot, we’re very aware of the influence that we have on children and youth. In spring 2019, we introduced our first collection for children. Since then we’ve created even more collections. We take care to deliver a message of playfulness in our marketing of children’s wear. Our products are here for everyone and we practice zero tolerance for gender discrimination and sexism.

Together with our partners, we strive to influence children's lives in a positive manner. By financing social investments, such as United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), we support the important work done by these organisations.

fair production

“The backbone of our work on social responsibility is our local presence. We have colleagues on site in our production countries who visit suppliers and check on their work. This is the best way to ensure that all work environments meet our standards.”
Rebecca Watkins, CSR & Quality Manager

We have managers on site in Turkey, Bangladesh, and China to obtain better insight into the supply chain. These managers also make visits further down the chain and take rapid action in the event of deviations.



code of conduct

In our code of conduct, we have gathered all our ethical requirements in relation to our suppliers and partners. The code contains all our requirements and forms the basis of our corporate responsibility. In addition, this code is based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the practices of the International Labour Organisation, and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Gina Tricot is a member of BSCI, the Business Social Compliance Initiative, which means that our code of conduct complies with the requirements of more than 2,300 member companies. All our suppliers must sign the code of conduct before they start working with us.