This year, we are proud to celebrate a decade of partnership with UNICEF, as we have worked together to preserve children’s rights, help children fulfil their potential, and improve the lives of children and their families. Gina Tricot has contributed both financially and, within various initiatives, collaboratively. Since the start of the collaboration, Gina Tricot and its customers have contributed a total of almost 40 million SEK to UNICEF’s work.

The current UNICEF programme in Bangladesh, funded by Gina Tricot and in operation since 2016, targets urban communities in Gazipur City Corporation – home to garment workers. The goal of the programme is to give 150,000 children and caregivers in targeted urban areas improved access to health, nutrition, water, sanitation and educational services. We strive to ensure that women, family members and adolescent girls at a local level feel more protected and empowered to participate meaningfully in decisions that affect their lives. 

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the project has been extended until 31 December 2022, and during the past year Gina Tricot added extra financial support. This extension has enabled the support of activities based in 14 day-care centres, five pre-school centres and five second-chance education centres. Additionally, this support is expected to result in a further increase in the number of activities, such as a second-chance education programme for out-of-school children as part of the ongoing project with revised outcome, outputs and target beneficiaries.



Previously in our work with UNICEF, we’ve financed preschools in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to help achieve such goals as:

- 22,500 children, aged 4–5 years, have completed one year at preschool
- 18,000 children have continued on to primary education
- 4,500 children have completed elements of primary education
- Implementation of “mothers at work” in factories selected by UNICEF