repack – a circular and more sustainable choice

Join our journey to greater sustainability and a more circular fashion industry. Now, you can choose RePack when you shop online – circular packaging that can be used again and again. Tick the box for RePack (fee: 2.99 EUR) at checkout, and your order will be sent to you in a RePack bag.



Thank you

When you’ve received your parcel, you can hand in the empty bag at any of our Gina Tricot stores or send back the bag free of charge to RePack, where it will be prepared for use in a new shipment. If you wish to return an item, you can use your RePack bag to send back your order to us at Gina Tricot by attaching the return label to the bag.


Return your empty RePack bag:

1. Check that your RePack bag is empty. Fold and close the bag, using the velcro. Larger RePacks needs to be folded in three.

2. Make sure that the RePack return address is visible.

3. Drop the empty RePack bag into your nearest post box. You can also choose to hand it into any Gina Tricot store for free.


Return your Gina Tricot order with RePack:

Would you like to return your order from Gina Tricot? It’s easy to use your RePack bag, in which you received your order.

1. Attach the Gina Tricot return label to your RePack bag. Cover the RePack return address, and make sure that only the Gina Tricot address is visible.

2. Place your items inside the bag, close tightly with the velcro and seal the package with tape. 

3. Return the package to the indicated drop point or nearest post box.*

*In the case of a return, you will not receive a refund for the cost of the RePack bag. You will receive a refund only for the items that you returned, minus any deducted return fee.