Women's linen clothing

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At Gina Tricot you'll find shirts, dresses, trousers, and blazers in lovely, airy linen for a natural raw look - in classic beige or colourful purple for an unexpected twist. Find the latest linen and linen-blend garments online at Gina Tricot.

Linen for all seasons

Linen clothes don't just look good in summer, they work equally well across all seasons. A comfortably relaxed linen shirt and loose linen trousers make a constant comeback year after year, making them timeless pieces and obvious key items in your summer wardrobe. With the right styling and garment combinations, you can even pick up linen clothes in early spring and even let them complement autumn's warmer garments by thinking layer-on-layer. Plus, linen's heat-regulating properties mean it cools you down when it's hot and warms you up when it's cold, making it the perfect year-round garment.

Comfortable linen for warm days

For hot summer days, there's nothing better than throw yourself into cool linen clothes. With their loose fit and airy nature, linen clothes keep you cool - even on the hottest days. What's more, linen garments are incredibly easy to style and can be varied endlessly. Go all in on just linen with a complete linen set or mix in other materials like denim or knitwear.

Wash your linen

To make your linen clothes last as long as possible, it's important to take care of them properly. Linen fabrics, made from the fibres of flax, have the special property of being highly absorbent. Therefore, linen garments can easily become wrinkled when washed. Many people think that creases are the charm of linen clothes, but for those who want to keep the fabric smooth, there are a few tricks. Give your linen plenty of space in the washing machine to prevent it from losing its shape. Make sure to use a lower temperature programme, 30-40 degrees, and if you can choose the water level, choose the highest one offered as linen is very absorbent. Another tip is not to wash your linen clothes too often. As linen is a natural material that is self-cleaning, it's a good idea to let your products air dry when they need freshening up.

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At Gina Tricot, you'll find this season's latest linen clothing for a comfortably casual look. Beige, white, black, or colourful? Browse our range and find your favourite styles.