All About Rings

It is not known for sure when the tradition of wearing a ring began but it is believed to have originated from ancient Egypt. Today the business of buying and selling rings is a billion dollar industry.

Types of Rings

Rings have been used over the years to symbolise different occasions and situations in life such as friendship, engagement and marriage. The ring is normally placed on different fingers depending on the occasion being symbolised for example a promise ring will be placed on the middle finger of the left hand. Whatever the occasion you may want to symbolise there are many types of rings that you could choose from. There are rings for ladies and rings with pearls. Some other popular styles of rings include classic solitaire, side stone rings, cushion cut rings, three stone rings, princess cut and halo string design and much more. These different styles and designs help ensure that every client’s tastes and preferences are catered for.

The Trendiest Rings

Rings are mostly used for wedding ceremonies to symbolise the beginning of a marriage. There are weddings happening every single day in different parts of the world and hence the trends and styles in the ring industry keep changing very fast. The new trend in the wedding ring industry is gold; the ring of gold has become a favourite for many newlyweds. The reason why gold is preferred is because of how soft it feels on the finger and how attractive it appears. Gold rings also offer clients a very wide berth when it comes to choice. They can be customised to fit in with your tastes and budget. You can opt for a ring that is made of pure gold or one that is partially coated with gold.

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