Stylish women's sunglasses online at gina tricot

Sunglasses are needed every sunny day, whatever the season. With us you will find several colours and models to choose from. You're sure to find your new favourite model, whether you like colour or leopard print.

Sunglasses that protect your eyes

The retro trend has been around for years and is still going strong. Retro sunglasses often feature stylish details, with pin detailing and classically designed nose bridges. The inspiration for these sunglasses goes back decades. They add character to your style and are great for any occasion. Retro is a very sophisticated style and sunglasses with this style are available in several styles and colour combinations. You can create your very own style, while effectively protecting your eyes from the bright sun wherever you are. Don't miss our women's sunglasses that are comfortable, stylish and protective for your eyes on any sunny day.

The right care for your cheap sunglasses

Sunglasses are best kept separate from things that can scratch them, such as keys. So when you're not using them, put them in their own little bag or pouch. If they get stained, they are best wiped off with a dry cloth. For more severe stains, they can be wiped off with damp eyeglass cleaning cloths.

What sunglasses suits my face?  

One or more pairs of sunglasses are a must-have! They are practical and stylish, while protecting your eyes effectively. Sunglasses come in a variety of models and colour combinations. Many people choose to buy classic models, in dark colours to easily match them with their different outfits. For those who want to draw attention to their face, they often choose sunglasses of larger models, and with different patterns and colours. The frames can be a completely different colour from the glass, and the sunglasses sometimes cover a large part of the face. Sunglasses may have patterns such as rainbow or leopard colours. It definitely attracts everyone's attention!

Buying sunglasses online is easy. You can see how they work with different outfits and you can think for a while before finally deciding on the model and colour. You can order the sunglasses free of charge at one of our physical stores, and easily pick up your ordered item there.