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Stunning Kimono Fashion

Kimono clothing is an elegant piece of fashion that will compliment any outfit in any season, whatever your outfit, Gina Tricot has you covered in a variety of styles and prints to make your wardrobe pop!

Kimono Cover Ups

A Kimono is a type of traditional Japanese clothing, which first emerged in the Heian period, which was between 794 and 1192AD. Kimono clothing has since held a prominent place in Japanese culture, in both a traditional sense and a contemporary one too. This type of clothing is a popular style trend and has been adopted by Western designers from far and wide. Gina Tricot’s category of Kimono wear boasts breathable fashion in a variety of plain or floral prints, and can be worn as cover up clothing over the top of your everyday work wear. If you’re feeling a little chilly on an otherwise pleasant day you, can pop on a kimono to complete your outfit any time of the year.

Affordable Kimono Fashion

The Kimono is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing with a rich cultural history that will add a boost to your step. They come in a variety of patterns and weights and can be mixed and matched to create the perfect autumn look. Choose a light viscose fibre kimono with a vibrant floral print, pair it with some jeans, or a pair of shorts and black leggings and some adorable flat shoes for that stylish student look and you’re good to go! Alternatively, you can opt for a casual professional look by wearing it over a black cotton t-shirt and trousers for contrast. Make sure that you never mix patterns, as this can cause them to clash. Your floral kimono print should always be the statement piece of your outfit.

Kimono Online at Gina Tricot

Looking for something fashionable, but a little bit different? Just take a look at our stunningly beautiful, casual yet elegant Kimono clothing- a floral long sleeved top. Inspired by Japanese style and culture, it’s the perfect example of ‘East meets West’, just waiting to become the latest edition to your wardrobe. As cover up clothing goes, you just can’t beat Gina Tricot’s sense of fashion at an affordable price; bringing you choice, beauty, and diversity straight to your doorstep. We offer quick delivery in 3-5 working days, and safe and secure payments.