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Overshirt, shacket or shirt jacket?

Here at Gina Tricot you can find your womens shirt jacket, shacket, shirtjacket or overshirt in many different materials, colours and patterns whatever you choose to call it!

You can find shirt jackets in many different colours such as purple, beige, black, green, blue or white but also shirt jackets women in different materials such as jeans, manchester or felt material. Or why not go for a patterned shirt jacket? Do you want a plaid shirt jacket or one with an animal print, what do you prefer? There's so much to choose from! The shirt jacket can make your whole outfit, so dare to go for something that stands out to highlight the power woman you are!

shirt + jacket = shirt jacket!

The shirt jacket can be worn in many different ways! It's such a practical garment with many functions that it's sure to come in handy many times. In the summer you can wear it as a thinner jacket over your dress or over a lovely summer blouse, your overshirt will be the final touch to your ultimate summer look. And when the colder seasons such as autumn and winter come around, you can wear your shirt jacket as a shirt, both unbuttoned and closed. Imagine styling a women's wool overshirt with a pair of cool leather pants and a white t-shirt, so simple but so stylish! The shirt jacket can so easily be dressed up as well as dressed down, it's up to you what you choose and prefer!

Shirt jacket women - the last touch for the ultimate look

The shirt jacket is a trendy piece and is so great to work layer upon layer with. As colder times approach, it's super nice to layer on some cosy knitted sweater under an oversized shirt jacket.

You can also find slightly longer shacket that come with a matching sash. This type of overshirt is so nice as it shows off the waist and is very stylish to style with a pair of straight or skinny jeans. We also have shirt jackets that are in denim and are so stylish to go with denim on denim and style an overshirt lady in denim with a pair of jeans. And why not add some lovely and colourful accessories to it such as bags, hair accessories or jewellery? A perfect outfit!

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The best part is that the shirt jacket is two pieces in one, so you don't have to choose between a shirt and a jacket! Great huh?

Check out our great range of shirt jackets and order your favourite one today! It really is a perfect summer jacket. Just go for a overshirt and complete your smart wardrobe with a cool and stylish shirt jacket!