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Set the style with a trendy dress for both everyday and party. A trendy dress is the most useful item to wear in your wardrobe and dresses work in almost every situation. Just wear it as it is or style it into a fitting outfit for the chosen occasion along with other trendy garments, jewelry, accessories and shoes.

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Dresses are very useful garments as there is a dress for every occasion. With a little simple styling you can also use the same dress for partying and everyday life. A black dress you usually wear everyday with a pair of sneakers can easily be perfect for the party with stylish party earrings and high heels. A shirt dress is a good one to have in your base wardrobe. The dress works both everyday and in the office with black pants, a nice belt and a pair of boots. At Gina Tricot you will find many stylish and trendy dresses, whether you are looking for a fancy dress, party dress or a dress for everyday life and work. We have several models, lengths, colors and designs. It is not difficult to find your favorite, short or long, solid or patterned. We have dresses for all tastes. You can easily find the right dress for a walk in town, work or a party night with the girl gang. In the summer it is really nice with a cool white dress, whether you go for a full white outfit or want to match with some garment in a different color.

At Gina Tricot you will find summer dresses in both short and long variants in several colors and with or without designs. A white dress is also perfect as a student dress for the student. If you are going to take the student, you may also be looking for a graduation dress and a prom dress. It is not always easy to look for prom dresses, but then look in our range of party dresses where you will find dresses that work just as well on festive occasions as New Year, wedding, ball and graduation. We have both glittering and stylish party dresses in short and long models. A red dress works well when you want to be colorful and really stand out and be seen. Would you rather blend in with the crowd and be a little more discreet and instead of a bright red dress you can choose a rusty red, autumn red or brick red. Whatever color you choose on your dress, there are great choices to create a unique style. At Gina Tricot you will find jewelry, accessories, shoes, cardigans and other garments that you can easily match with different dresses.

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With us you will find black dresses, glittery, patterned, short, long and many more variants in our large selection of Gina Tricot. We have trendy dresses in many colors, designs and variants and there is a model for every occasion. Whether you are going to town, to work, to a night out, to the student, to a degree or to a ball, you can find something that fits Gina Tricot. Buy dresses online easily and conveniently and have your favorite dress in your home in just a few days. When you shop online with us you have free shipping and free returns to the store.  Click here for more jumpsuits!