Straight jeans

straight jeans - and the jeans trend

Straight jeans are the perfect fit for those who want a modern, trendy and straight style on your jeans. At Gina Tricot you will find a large selection of trendy jeans and you can choose between several colors and whether you want your straight jeans with or without stretch.

fix the look with straight leg jeans

Create the perfect look with a pair of straight leg jeans. Fix a classic casual look by matching your straight jeans with a simple gray or white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. If you want a little more dressy style, it will be nice with a stuffed shirt, a trendy belt and a pair of matching boots. For the office, you can complement a jacket that matches the boots.

straight leg jeans - and the jeans trend

The model of a pair of straight leg jeans means that they are slightly tight around the thighs and the legs are straight from knee to foot. The model is suitable for those who want a slightly extending effect.

Gina Tricot has a large assortment for fashion conscious girls and women looking for the latest trends. In our selection you will find straight leg jeans in different colors and lengths. Choose a pair of straight jeans with high or low waist and with or without stretch. Find a nice pair of straight fit jeans that fit your style. We regularly get into exciting new fashion so don't miss to check out our selection often. Order easily and conveniently online and you will receive your order within a few days.

sustainable fashion with durable jeans

For Gina Tricot, sustainable fashion and durable jeans are important. We focus, among other things, on reducing water use, especially when we produce our jeans but also other garments. Our environmental work does not end there, but environmental thinking permeates our entire business.