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At Gina Tricot, you’ll always find the latest fashion trends. We have new arrivals every day! Visit one of our stores, or discover your favourites online.

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Regardless of your preferred style, we can almost guarantee that you will always find something you love at Gina Tricot. We have new arrivals every day, which is why we can make that promise! Feel like treating yourself to some pretty new undies, a swimsuit, or bikini? Perhaps you’re on the hunt for the perfect party outfit? Be sure to check out our gorgeous party dresses, tops and glamorous accessories. Shop your jeans here! High waist, straight leg, Molly or mom – which are your favourites? Browse the collection for inspiration and go wild choosing items to create your own WOW-factor outfits.

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From the very start, Gina Tricot’s mission has been to offer affordable fashion that follows the latest trends. We’re a company that moves at a quick pace, just like the trends. It means that you can always find the latest trends in our offering online. At Gina Tricot, you’ll find everything you need, top-to-toe! We have a fantastic offering of extras that includes sunglasses, bags, jewellery and hair accessories. And, be sure to check out the #GinaMyWay posts on Instagram! There, you’ll find inspiration from cool women across the world who have a passion for fashion. Check out all the exciting and original ways they’ve styled Gina Tricot clothing. Wow! We’d love to have you join the flow, so be sure to tag your posts with #GinaMyWay too!

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Gina Tricot is a Swedish fashion chain that was established in 1997. Today, women in more than 30 countries wear our feminine clothing, which is sold at 180 stores in five European countries, as well as online in many more. Gina Tricot collaborates with a variety of organisations in its efforts to create a better, more equitable world. For example, since 2011, Gina Tricot has supported 150 preschools in Bangladesh, providing more than 22,000 children with access to an education. Besides that, the company has donated a considerable amount of money to support the work of UNICEF. In 2015, Gina Tricot raised more than SEK 2.7 million through the various campaigns run in stores. Gina Tricot also prioritises efforts to make fashion more sustainable. We offer sustainable clothing and accessories!

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Mix and match our jewellery, accessories and clothing online. Find your favourite style and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep in a matter of days! Be sure to visit our stores too! Get inspired by all the new trends and gorgeous clothing that can become your wardrobe “go-to” favourites. Welcome to Gina Tricot!