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Jackets and outerwear for different seasons and weather

Set the look with a stylish jacket! We have a wide range of jackets for different seasons. Choose from different styles, colours and patterns to match your jacket with the rest of your outfit. If you're having trouble deciding on a pattern, a shirtjacket can create a cool and trendy look. A black jacket also works for any style. A coat is a safe bet for a classic style, choose from long and short coats in a range of colours, such as black and beige.

Autumn jacket

For long, cozy autumn walks, you need to be dressed right with an autumn jacket so you can enjoy the season without getting either too hot or too cold. Autumn weather changes quickly from warm late summer breezes to cold autumn winds. For the slightly warmer autumn climate, it can be especially important to choose an autumn jacket that matches your other outfits when you wear the jacket open.

With the right clothes for the right weather, you can experience autumn as an amazing and beautiful time. We have a wide range of trendy jackets that are suitable for the autumn season and can be matched with other outfits from our autumn fashion range. Check out our wide selection of jackets and get inspiration for your personal style.

Winter jacket

For Sweden's and the North's climate, one winter jacket is usually not enough. For your winter wardrobe, you need winter jackets in different sizes and styles for the different days of winter. The cold season ranges from the slightly chilly winter day to the very coldest weather when you need a really warm jacket. For the beginning and end of the winter season, a winter jacket with a detachable lining can come in handy so you can quickly adjust the jacket to the temperature.

Spring jacket for spring, summer and early autumn

As winter begins to give way and the sun starts to peek out more and more and you want to take off your winter jacket and pick up the lighter jackets of spring. For spring and summer, you'll have more options to style your look with different types of spring jackets.

For a business look, go for a stylish black blazer or why not a trendy trench coat with a belt in the waist? With a functional jacket you can create a sporty style. The classic denim jacket can be worn throughout spring, summer and early autumn. A denim jacket is relatively thin and to keep you warm for chillier days, you can complete the look with a stylish and trendy sweater underneath.

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