Women's bomber jacket

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The bomber jacket has come to be the season's trendiest jacket and the fashion designers' absolut favourite. Today, you'll find the trendy bomber jacket online at Gina Tricot in a range of styles - from classic cropped styles in khaki to more updated variants in delightfully bright tones. Whatever your style, the bomber jacket is a must-have in this season's wardrobe. Find your favourite at Gina Tricot and get inspired by silky fabrics, powdery pastels and bold faux-leather pieces that make a statement.

The history of the bomber jacket

Why is it called a bomber jacket? Well, in fact, the bomber model was first developed for the pilots of the US Air Force in the 1940s. At that time, closed cockpits were uncommon, and pilots were in dire need of thick, heat-insulating garments. It was then that the first bomber jackets were born, which have since been recreated in countless variations and have become a recurring favourite with the major fashion houses.

How to wear the bomber jacket today

Today, the bomber jacket is available in a variety of updated versions and comes in different thicknesses, materials, and styles. A thin bomber jacket is perfect as a spring and autumn jacket and can be combined with a knitted sweater for extra warmth. For colder seasons, a quilted bomber jacket is nice and is best paired with a pair of warming thermal leggings, an oversized hoodie, and a pair of chunky boots.

The classic bomber jacket is a recurring favourite that goes with just about everything. Its boxy silhouette is often paired with tight-fitting trousers and sneakers but has recently become popular matching with baggy pieces. The bomber jacket can be styled casually with jeans and a hoodie or more formally with a shirt and boots. A classic black bomber jacket in a cropped style is a timeless style that can be varied endlessly. Create a tough and trendy look by matching the jacket with a pair of baggy jeans, a crop top, white sneakers and a colourful clutch bag. Or choose an oversized model in imitation leather and combine with jeans in a lovely light blue wash, a black top, and black accessories. For a cool and edgy look, go for an oversized satin bomber jacket matched with a fitted top, baggy soft trousers, and heels. No matter how you want to style your bomber jacket, you're sure to find a model that suits you and your style.

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