Mom jeans

mom jeans online at ginatricot

a super modern and lightly styled jeans model

Mom fit jeans are the perfect garment for those looking for a trendy, comfortable and lightweight style trousers. The model has a high waist and a slightly looser fit.

the most stylish silhouette of the season

Mom fit jeans is the garment that is presently seen in fashion magazines. The perfectly loose fit and high back pockets give you the hottest silhouette of the season. This jeans model ends around the middle of the calf and fits perfectly into the prevailing fashion image. A pair of classic mom jeans are a little more spacious in the fit, here you will also find variations in a slim version in the beautifully stretchy denim that you recognize from several of our other types of jeans. Choose a wash that suits your style. A dark raw denim is easy to dress up while a lighter wash gives the right genuine retro look.

care advice for your mom jeans

If you take care of your Mom fit jeans properly they will stay fine. Always follow the washing line and do not use rinse aid. Be sure to always flip the jeans in and out before putting them in the washing machine. To extend the life of the jeans, you can advantageously ventilate them instead of washing them, thus retaining the elasticity for a long time. Our jeans are handmade and each pair has a unique shade that you will want to take care of in the best way.

relaxed or dressed up, you style the jeans model

Mom fit jeans offer endless possibilities when it comes to styling. This model can easily go from a casual everyday style to a festive weekend look. For the right relaxed look, you can easily match the jeans with a pair of sneakers and a tucked in cool tee. If instead you choose to wear them with a pair of high heels, a party top and a jacket, your mom jeans are ready for a night out at the restaurant or nightclub right away. Want to add some extra color or a personal touch to your jeans? Feel free to add a sharpness in any of the season's cool colors.
Here you will find Mom fit jeans in a laundry that enhances your personal style. We are constantly updating our range of exciting news. Thanks to our fast deliveries, you can easily keep up with the latest trends. You can choose to have your order delivered to your nearest post office or to your Gina Tricot store. Take a look at the range and choose the Mom jeans that will become your new easy-styled favorite!