Coffee table books

Create a stylish home with coffee table books

Fill your home with beautiful coffee table books that takes your home decor to the next level. At Gina Tricot Home you will find beautiful decorative books to give away as a gift, or why not to treat yourself with an inspiring book? Check out our elegant coffee table books and find your personal favourite.

Fill your home with inspiring books

Coffee table books are large and beautiful books that often deal with fashion, design, and photography. The books consist of inspiring photographs and illustrations accompanied by small blocks of text. The books are as much a nice decorative detail as an interesting book to sit and browse through. The books look just as good on the bookshelf as they do on the dresser, living room table or windowsill. Stack several books on top of each other and complement them with a beautiful vase or with matching candlesticks on top. Alternatively, go for an extra-large book and let it speak for itself. At Gina Tricot, you'll find those luxurious books that add that extra touch to your decor.

Buy coffee table books online at Gina Tricot

Here, you’ll find coffee table books for interesting reading, from fashion and beauty to geography and world food. Browse our range and find your favourite book to add your personal touch to your home decor. At Gina Tricot you always shop safely and securely with multiple payment options and fast delivery.