Vases Online at Gina Tricot

Create a homely atmosphere with vases.

Vases are wonderful decorative details that can bring life to any room. There are many different types of vases to choose from, but one of the most stylish and timeless options are those made of glass or ceramic. At Gina Tricot, you will find a wide range of vases in different sizes and shapes that are perfect for your home decor. Browse through vibrant colours, asymmetrical shapes, and stylish classics that can enhance the trend factor in your home.

Large and Small Glass Vases

Glass vases are ideal for displaying beautiful flowers, green plants, or even a collection of your favourite twigs. A great advantage of glass vases is that they are transparent, which means they can easily match with all types of decor and colours. Plus, you can use them as candle lanterns to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Go for a tall vase and fill it with beautiful flowers or choose a small vase to decorate with a nice sprig from the weekend's bouquet.

Coloured Vases for a Popping Decor

If you're looking for a more vibrant decor, coloured vases are a great option. At Gina Tricot, you'll find coloured vases in different colours to add a pop of colour to your home. Why not mix and match different colours to create a lively and unique decorative detail? Coloured vases are perfect for accentuating a particular colour in your home or bringing life to an otherwise neutral room. They also make a perfect gift for someone who loves to decorate.

Shop Trendy Vases at Gina Tricot

Whether you prefer stylish glass vases or colourful variants, you are guaranteed to find something that suits you at Gina Tricot. We offer a wide range of vases in different materials, colours, and shapes to suit all tastes and interior styles. Shop your favourite vase today and create a homely and personal atmosphere in your home.