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Discover our wide range of decorations. With us you will be inspired by the latest in home decoration. Want to freshen up your home? It's easy to do so by simply replacing some of your decorations. Go for a new vase and maybe a new bowl and you'll instantly freshen up. You'll find it all in our decoration category.

Get inspired by beautiful vases, pots and bowls with us

More time is spent in the home and with the right decoration it will feel much more homely! At Gina Tricot you will find a wide range of vases and pots. Go tone on tone with your pots and furniture. Larger pots are great to place as they are on the floor with a large plant in them. Or choose a smaller pot and have it in the window or on a table. We also have colourful vases for those who like to work with colour in the home. It's so pretty to mix both fresh and dried flowers in your vase. Or maybe just adorn the vase with a few lovely dried straws. Vases and pots can be mixed and matched as much as you like and the variety of plants you can put in them is endless. Jugs are great for styling with your crockery and having on the dinner table. But you can just as easily use your pitcher to hold flowers, they are so pretty!


Bowls and saucers are something that are needed in every home, big and small. Choose a smaller bowl and have it as it is on the table. Put it in your bathroom and store your favourite jewellery in it. Or place it in the hallway and collect all your keys in one place, it's so nice not to have to look for them in the morning! Our larger bowls are great for food and decoration. Serve a nice salad in it or use it to set bread on the table. Complete your home decoration with stylish coffee table books. We have a wide range of different coffee table books. It's super stylish to decorate your home with them. Place it on your living room table and put a beautiful vase on top. The books are not only great decorative items but also full of inspiration from the biggest companies in the fashion industry.

Brighten up your home with great candles and candlesticks

There's nothing quite like coming home in the evening and brightening up your home with lots of candles in beautiful candlesticks. You can never have too much light in a home, they're just nicer the more light there is. Candles are a must for a homely feeling. At Gina Tricot you will find a wide range of candles and candlesticks. Our colourful twisted candles are not only great to light, but are just as beautiful to have as decor. Place them in one of our stylish candlesticks and mix and match colour combinations as you wish.

Fill your walls with posters and paintings

The final touch to create a homely feel is to fill your walls with paintings and posters. It creates a nice depth in your home and makes them complete. At Gina Tricot, you can choose from lots of different prints for your paintings and posters. Mix smaller and larger posters and create a whole wall of art. With posters, you can mix and match as much as you like in patterns and motifs. It's super nice to match colours you have on your furniture to your paintings, it give a unified feel to your home. Get inspired by our range and find your next home decoration at Gina Tricot!