Let light into your home, and decorate with colour, shape, and spring spirit. New arrivals are here for the season, both in our own designs and from external brands. You’ll find beautiful items, such as crisp bedsheets, lovely vases, bowls, and coffee-table books.

We’re inspired by photographer, artist, and creative spirit Amanda Ekström, also known as @tuggmotstand. Amanda is a welcome presence in social media. Her work demonstrates that all bodies are equally unique, and equally beautiful – no matter what they look like. Here, you can get to know Amanda, as we discuss decorating tips, vintage, creative inspiration, and her passion for her Tuggmotstånd project. You can also shop Amanda’s selected Limited Edition posters illustrating her beautiful prints. 


How would you describe your personal style in your home?
It feels so important to let the home develop at its own pace. I also want to act in the most sustainable way possible. When I moved in, I set myself the challenge of buying everything second hand, and buying only a few, timeless products that I had been interested in for a long time. Even the wallpaper in the entryway is vintage, left over when my family used it in the 70s. When I select those special, new items, I choose things that are simple, but with a personal touch. And I like colour, of course! Nothing will happen with the atmosphere of a room if there’s too little colour.

What’s your favourite from the Gina Home Collection?
I’m a photographer, so a given favourite is the photo book MIAMI. It fits right into my home. And I like the green dish. I hope I can have that for a long time in my home. It’s fun, but also timeless.



How do you find inspiration for your photography and art?
I'm inspired by discussion and debate. It’s important to push a little sometimes, to bring about change. One can’t please everyone and at the same time create change. It’s the discussion created by my images that inspires me and allows me to progress.

You’re a strong role model in social media when it comes to body perception. What can you tell us about your Tuggmotstånd project?
Wow, great to hear, thank you! The Tuggmotstånd project came about by chance, really, when I was working as a teacher and discovered students counting their “fat bulges” in the classroom. “I probably did this too, and my Mum and Grandmother as well,” I thought. I photographed some friends of mine at home and posted the images on my private account in 2017, but it wasn’t the right time. I began to hear whispers about the pictures being too revealing. That really provoked me, to be honest. It’s more inappropriate NOT to show normal body images on social media when 13-year-olds are obsessing about body fat, generation after generation. Now, I’m trying to function as a comforting hand on people’s shoulder in social media feeds. No more and no less.

gina home

gina home

Discover Gina Home, our new collection for living in style. It’s waiting for you – a gorgeous assortment of our own designs, including beautiful duvet cover sets and blankets in seasonal tones, combined with timeless, modern decorative items from carefully selected external brands, such as vases, candlesticks, bowls, glassware, and coffee-table books. 

Home has become the safest haven in many ways, and finding modern home fashions that make for truly enjoyable living is more important than ever before. What could be better than drifting off to sleep in a bed made with crisp, fresh sheets and a duvet? You can shop our entire home décor collection online at ginatricot.com and in selected Gina Tricot stores. You’ll find fantastic new ideas for beautifying your home! Fill a large vase with flowers to dress up the kitchen table, accentuate your style in every room with decorative bowls and candlesticks, and sleep tight under comfy duvet covers in your favourite colours.