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Our spring self-care collection features influencer Janni Olsson Delér. Get inspiration and allow yourself time for reflection and relaxation – enjoy a well-deserved break and time in nature that will recharge and revive you. The collection is designed with a focus on softness and an extra comfortable fit, no matter what activity you have planned. So do what you love. Enjoy life, your way!

Abigail zip jacket 29.99€ // Abigail sweatpants 29.99€


Name: Janni Olsson Delér
Age: 29
City: Monaco
Profession: Influencer

What is self-care to you? 
Self care to me is to listen to my body. I love to hang out with friends and do things but the last few years I've gotten so much better at saying no when my body tells me to. To have a night in, have a long bath or shower, face mask and just relax is self care to me on some days. Other days self care is to spend time with my beloved friends and family because it gives me so much energy. The balance is key in life according to me!

How do you spend a day off?
I love to start the day with a walk in the morning, I put my baby in his stroller and then we walk for an hour. After that - breakfast which is my favorite meal of the day! When he goes for his first nap I try to do pilates on some days, and then we just cuddle and eat good food all day! Maybe meet up with some friends for lunch and then a chill dinner at home with just my husband and baby. At night we watch either a tv-serie or a movie before we go to bed early, since I wake up a few times at night to feed the little one. That's the perfect day to me!

What are your favourite pieces from the collection?
Hardest question so far... I love every single piece haha! But I guess I will use the sweatpant shorts and cropped t-shirt the most, and also the long sweatpants and cropped hoodie in the mint color. All the pieces are so soft and comfy so it’s really hard to pick haha!

As a mum, how do you find time for yourself?
Just a quick shower is time for myself nowadays, haha! I don't want too much time for myself, I miss my baby after 10 minutes away from him... Completely normal, haha! But, I try to take care of myself at least once a week with a long shower, face mask, body lotion and then fix my hair. That makes me feel fresh for the rest of the week!

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