Boost your spring fashions with a stylish twist! Pair classic silhouettes with intriguing shapes and cut-out details. Take your look even further with high heels, and style it all in the season’s latest colour trend: blue and green.

Trend collection online at gina tricot

Discover a wide range of clothes in the latest trends. At Gina Tricot you will find the trendiest jackets, coats, tops, accessories, jewellery and much more. The trend collection includes lots of great patterns, different silhouettes and the trendiest colours of the season.

What are the latest trends?

It can be hard to keep up with the season's trends and know which are the key pieces of the year. Gina Tricot makes it easy for you to keep up and discover the latest in fashion.

The season's must haves

In our trend collection category, we bring together all the trends so you can find your new favourites. Choose from stylish accessories like a pair of trendy sunglasses, which are great to wear all year round and not just when it is sunny outside. There's also lots of stylish jewellery to choose from in the trend collection. Choose from necklaces, bracelets, earrings or a really stylish ring. We have both gold and silver so you can choose your favourite, but they're also rally nice to mix and match. Any look is spruced up with jewellery, an everyday look instantly becomes more trendy with the right jewellery to go with it. When you're going to more festive events, jewellery is a must for a stylish party outfit.

Trendy clothes for your wardrobe

Not only are there really stylish and trendy accessories in the trend collection, but also lots of clothes. At Gina Tricot you'll find trousers, jackets, shirts, dresses and more. The pieces in the collection come in trendy colours and patterns, in many beautiful silhouettes and models. The pieces in the collection are perfect for taking your wardrobe to the next level, choose a top in a cool pattern and match with your basics for a look that you can style in many different ways. In our wide range of trend collection, you'll find everything you need to build a complete look with just trend pieces.

Shop your favourites

We think it should be easy to find the latest trends and what you're looking for in your wardrobe. That's why at Gina Tricot it's super easy to shop the latest trends, we gather everything in one place. Here you can be inspired, discover new favourites and check out the latest trends, and maybe dare to try a whole new style?

To maintain the garment´s fit, we always recommend following the washing instructions that come with your product. Now let yourself be inspired by all the stylish trends and find your new favourites for your wardrobe!