At last, the new collection of Lou Dehrot Seated Jeans has arrived – with new styles, updated washes, and longer leg length. Louise Linderoth is the designer who dares to challenge traditional fashion. Her passionate dedication to innovative design is an inspiration, and she loves to mix problem-solving with aesthetics, with the body as her focus. Now, she’s releasing her second limited-edition collection, created in collaboration with Gina Tricot. The campaign features Louise together with para-dressage rider and speaker Felicia Grimmenhag.

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Louise, tell us how the new collection is different from the first one.
The biggest difference is the leg length. We made the legs significantly longer after receiving many requests to do so. It’s easier to cut the leg length to size than to add length! We’ve also improved the fit in the sitting part of the garment. These 2.0 jeans are higher at the back of the waist and the balance point is more forward-leaning. 

How many styles are offered in the spring collection?
Three styles in four different washes. Two washes are from the first collection, and we have two new washes – in lighter, more spring-like tones. Dehrot Mom is no longer a mom style; they’re longer now, with straighter legs. In addition, the off-black colour is now offered as a flare, with slightly flared hems. Dehrot Slim is the same style, but with longer legs.



Which style is your favourite?
My personal favourite is this season’s lighter-coloured Dehrot Straight Jeans. They’re a little edgier, and I like that.

What are some of the highlights of this collaboration?
The best part was being able to influence and develop the representation of the body in fashion. It makes me indescribably happy to hear that a person can finally wear jeans. Knowing that someone feels represented in a context of encouragement and dignity makes me even happier.
– Louise Linderoth, Designer



Felicia, you represent the campaign together with Louise. Tell us a little about yourself:
I compete internationally with my horses in para-dressage. When I’m not at the stables, I am busy with my studies or working as a motivational speaker. Louise and I met through Instagram. I wrote to tell her how much I liked the first collection. Since then, we’ve stayed in touch and followed each other in social media.

What do you like most about Lou Dehrot Seated Jeans? 
What I like best about the jeans is that they’re not only comfortable; they look good too. I like to tuck in my shirts and to wear crop tops, and that’s difficult to do with traditional jeans, which don’t fit very well on a wheelchair user.

– Felicia Grimmenhag, Para-dressage Athlete & Speaker