Together with PaperTale we are continuing our eyeopening journey towards transparency. Discover a traceable technology where you can get to know the story of your clothes and how it reaches you. Join the mindshift.


To face the sustainability challenges in the fashion industry and make the necessary changes to overcome them, we need a new mindset. This requires consciousness about our actions and how they impact our planet and its people. It also demands a willingness to take action and make the needed change happen. A prerequisite for that change is transparency. To be able to know what we can improve, we need knowledge and openness about the impact we have on our planet and its people. Together with PaperTale our transparency journey has begun.

This collection has been made traceable using the PaperTale technology. PaperTale makes it possible to trace and verify the origin of materials, and the social and environmental impact connected to our collection. When you scan the qr code of a garment using the PaperTale app, you will be able to see information about where the material is from, where the garment is produced, the people involved in producing it, what the environmental impact is and how it reaches you.

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