T-shirt Bra

Girl's Best Friend- T-Shirt Bra

Fashionistas of the lingerie world came together over the Gina Tricot T-Shirt Bra. It comes in different models, colours, materials and sizes. Friendly to your skin and a sense of fashion.

T-Shirt Bra - Gold Standard In Lingerie Comfort

Lace T Shirt Bra comes as a result of a unique sense of style and the universal need for comfort. It is a beautiful piece of fashion vault lingerie that provides perfect support while keeping that subtle touch of seduction. A diversity of models, colours, and sizes allows you to find your ideal piece and to combine it with the rest of the look. Gina Tricot online shop provides a practical size guide so you can quickly resolve the dilemma of the best fit for you. Skin friendly materials only contribute to the overall experience of a high-quality piece of lingerie. Before you make your final decision, you can also follow Gina Tricot on Instagram to double-check different styles and combinations and see what look you like best.

T-Shirt Bra - Where Comfort Meets Style

Any shirt or a blouse will look great with this padded tshirt bra. It gives you the right shape and volume while providing the perfect support at the same time. Don't be afraid of your own creativity, embrace it, mix match outfits, dive into the fun world of lingerie fashion. Whether you wear it simply as a piece of lingerie, under your top, or you're rockin' it as an individual style detail, wear it with attitude and confidence. Let your femininity ultimately blossom in this great lingerie item. A good bra could be the most important piece of female clothing since it has all the qualities of a good friend, it is supportive, reliable, and always close to the heart.

T-Shirt Bra Online At Gina Tricot

Following trends today is easier than ever with Gina Tricot online shop. We invite you to get in touch with your femininity and a sense of fashion, by creating a unique look for yourself. Here you will find fashionable, yet extremely comfortable pieces of lingerie. Size guide makes it simple to decide which size will fit you the best news is our customer service will do the rest after you make your final decision. It's all about femininity when women create for women, that is the philosophy of our company.