Gina Tricot has been a member of Amfori (formerly the Business Social Compliance Initiative, BSCI) since 2008. At the present time, Amfori has succeeded in getting more than 2,000 companies to agree on a shared Code of Conduct. Amfori also provides support in efforts to address social and environmental issues in the supply chain. As a member, we are committed to implementing the Code of Conduct in our supply chains. Regular third-party inspections of factories are carried out via Amfori. Membership also gives us access to a platform for collecting relevant information about audits and our suppliers. The platform is an important tool in our continuous efforts to evaluate and monitor production.

fair wages

Through Amfori, Gina Tricot monitors the wages paid to the employees who manufacture our clothes. In line with our code of conduct and local legislation, suppliers are obliged to pay the country’s statutory minimum wage. The problem is that in certain cases, the minimum wage barely covers the basic needs of employees. We are aware of this problem and, together with Amfori and our local representatives, we are working to influence and improve the situation and create change in the clothing industry.

Gina Tricot also conducts its own wage surveys in all its production countries to ensure proper wage levels. Together, we have the power to make a positive difference!